Friday 24th. February 2012 .   7.30 pm.

At the time of writing there are vacancies for the position of Vice Chairman, Secretary and one independent committee member. All other Officers and committee members are prepared to stand for re election.

Any nominations for the above should be sent in writing to the Chairman by Friday 17th.February 2012.

Copies of the minutes and accounts will be available at the AGM, they may be viewed on our website, ( ), or copies will be available from the club, applications in writing will be posted.



Minutes of the AGM held on 11th February 2011.

Matters Arising

Accountants Report

Chairman’s Report

Election of Officers



As you will have noticed from the accounts we have had a year where we haven't made profit. Part of the reason our profits are down is result of the break in at the end of the year, and the insurance company's  delay in paying out. we also spent money upgrading the showers.

With this in mind I and some other members of the committee are of the opinion that the club is in danger of dying on its feet. So why is this you ask yourself, are the members happy with things as they are, do they want change but think it a waste of time suggesting anything, or  just not interested.

On the notice for the AGM it also stated that  there was vacancies for four committee members and a secretary, but no one came forward, what members should realise that most of the present committee are in their 60,s to 70,s, the chairman is 84, what is needed is some younger members to fill the vacant places on the committee  and find a new chairman so the club doesn't  have to have a 85 year old chairman.

This week in 4 years time we will have paid the last instalment of the loan, this will allow the club to have extra cash which will make life much easier.

So with that in mind what we should be doing for in the next few years is getting younger people on the committee ready to carry on when the older members stand down, planning what direction members want the club go in future and make sure that the club is still in a position to provide sports and recreational facilities for future generations to enjoy as much as we have.

So that is my little rant over, the ball is now in your court make your views known, join the committee, find a new chairman, and breath some new life into the club.

 Thank you.